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Family Constellation Therapy

Everything in life is relationship.

There are the relationships with our family and workplace, and there are the relationships we have with the food we eat and the home we live in. Ultimately relationships are how we react to our world, and how the world responds to us.

I first heard about Family Constellation from a friend who was practicing at Ayurveda Yoga Academy. It instantly piqued my interest as I held very negative feelings towards my mother. I looked up facilitators in South Africa, but wanting to go off a personal recommendation. I put it off and forgot about it. It was not until I arrived in Korea over a year later that it came up again.

I signed up for the workshop right away, but what happened shortly afterwards took me by surprise. My father had a serious accident and came out of a coma with a severe brain injury. And so, my experience of the workshop was very different than I had expected. The most important thing I learn was my role I had been playing within my family and the burdens that I had taken on. With that, I consciously chose to step out of it. I had much guilt for a while, but soon I saw the positive impact it has given to me and my family.

I also got to do work on my relationship with my mother. I've been learning that the relationship with mom is most important because it is the first relationship we ever have. I had not understood that this relationship was impacting my relationships with my romantic partners and at my workplaces, yet I had not retained either for longer than a year (interestingly, it was at the nine month mark when I would want it to be finished).

I have since received a second Family Constellation session and my mom has come to stay in my home for almost a month and I didn't feel like I would go crazy. Also, I am about to begin my second year at the same company.

I had not understood that this relationship was also impacting my relationships with my romantic partners and at my workplaces.

So what is Family Constellation Therapy? Family Constellation Therapy is relationship therapy. It is the planting of a seed, that shifts our entire life over time. Originally founded by German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger, it is drawn upon the values of the Zulu tribe of South Africa 🇿🇦 The Zulus believe that there is a long ancestral chain connecting family members across generations, and that it can causes complications within the current family system. In this regard, hidden patterns (called 'entanglements') are revealed within the family consciousness using this therapy. We can become aware of issues with alcohol addiction, insomnia, depression, destructive relationships, eating disorders etc. and where their roots are. Only once the entanglement becomes conscious, there is the possibility to change it.

A Family Constellation Therapy Workshop is happening on 4 & 5 May 2024 in Daegu, South Korea.

If you are interested, please send us a message.

Written by: Talia Lee Cohen


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