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Ayurveda Yoga’s signature program! 

Classic Class is a living tradition guided based on the ancient yogic text, the Yoga Sutra, that teaches 'yoga is stopping mind.'  Through yoga, you develop your ability to witness, which is a tool to start to control the fluctuations of the mind. Starting from the body, and including breathing and meditation, one can go from mind to body, from daily worries and stress to sense awakening, relaxation, and happiness. 


Classic Class uses about 20 important postures which are the most basic and powerful among the 84 million asanas that exist. Through repeating these postures regularly in a steady and comfortable way you can come back to the moment.  And with that you will experience the benefits of yoga like a gift (posture correction, healing, weight management, physical and mental well-being, etc.).  In this class by following your body and breath you make the intensity of your practice.

Classic class is for anyone who wants a deep taste of traditional yoga.


1 on 1 Personal Training

This is a 1-on-1 yoga class that is designed for YOU!  From the first consultation to the final session, the teacher will work with you, around your schedule and tuned to your goals. 

Give yourself the gift of 1:1 YogaPT.  With the focused care of a skilled teacher, you can find profound transformation. If you are looking for posture correction, healing, weight management, to deepen your current yoga practice, or to make a lifestyle change, 1:1 YogaPT is the answer.

Any level practitioner can experience Ayurveda Yoga's designer 1:1 YogaPT program.

Weekend Refresh

Start your weekend off right with our Saturday morning Refresh Class.  Designed to give a jump start to your weekend.

This class is guided in English and contains basic postures chosen to help you feel relaxed, open and ready for whatever comes your way!


Mindful Mom

Prenatal Yoga

Mindful Mom Yoga is a pre- and post-natal class designed to support women through their preparation for pregnancy, while pregnant and even after giving birth while healing and recovering.  

It is also a chance to explore and get in touch with you're body everyday as it is continuously and rapidly changing.

In this class you will learn safe and useful postures, various breathing techniques and meditation to use throughout your journey.

Kids Yoga

Come and play on Sunday mornings during

our kids yoga programs :

Growing Kid's Yoga and Kindie Play Yoga.

Promoting growth, releasing built-up energy,

improving concentration, balance and coordination, and encouraging creativity

through engaging games that incorporates yogic concepts, postures, breath, and meditation.

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