Join Ayurveda Yoga Academy at the
International Hi-Wellness Festa
in Yeongdeok, South Korea


🎉International Hi-Wellness Festa🎉


WHEN : Oct 8 & 9


WHERE : Yeongdeok, Humanities Healing Center, Yeomyeong

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This 2-day festival is a collaboration of Korean Traditional Medicine and Indian Ayurveda Medicine. It is an experience festival, so you’ll be able to enjoy various Traditional Korean & Indian treatment methods like acupuncture & massage, yoga, meditation and delicious foods.


This festival is for everyone, so you are welcome to come with friends, family or solo 🫶 There will be something for everyone to enjoy~ 🍁🍂🌾


There will be free buses to and from the Healing Center in Yeongdeok leaving from Daegu on Saturday & Sunday. The buses will depart Daegu at 7am and arrive in Yeongdeok before 10:00am and then leave from Yeongdeok at 6pm and arrive back in Daegu before 9pm. Be sure to register in advance for this service. If you’d like to register for the bus service please email or call us and we’ll help you get registered ^___^


More information coming soon~


What's happening in

September 2022




Hatha Yoga & BodyMind Therapy



Ayurveda Yoga Academy's Yoga Teacher Training Course will offer an opportunity for self study, healing, and transformation through an exploration of Hatha Yoga & BodyMind Therapy. 


In Yoga Teacher Training(TTC) we learn about how being a sincere yoga practitioner opens a path to being the leader of our own lives. This may manifest into guiding yoga classes, choosing a desired career path, opening up to relationships, letting go of experiences or people to heal or something totally different.

This course is an opportunity to transform.

In TTC, we learn about the fundamentals of yoga and how to apply them to our lives. We learn how to be in and enjoy the moment. Even though we are each on our own path, we are walking in this life together. The course gives us a chance to realize and experience self-love and that we are with good people. These kinds of experiences are part of the understanding we gain about what is yoga, what is happiness, why I am living, and more.

This class is available in-person in Daegu, South Korea or online from anywhere in the world~


English Yoga with Megan

at 7:30-8:30PM


at Siji Center, LaoTzu Hall


This class is for anyone looking for a space to take a break from the daily grind, get stronger, relax, heal, gain flexibility, develop healthy habits, and be a part of a growing community.

LIVE Online Class
Take class from the comfort of your own home!  

We offer a 1 month online membership

guided live through Zoom.

(Mon/Wed/Fri) 10:00AM - Jihee (한국어)

(Mon/Wed/Thurs) 8:30PM - Talia (English)