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What's happening in

June 2023


Join the celebration of International Day of Yoga

on June 21st by doing

108 Sun Salutations together at

10:00AM or 7:30PM at the Siji Center.


Register in advance!

Spaces are limited!!

*From June 1-20th, 20 sets of sun salutations for 20 days!! You can practice anywhere and if you upload onto your social media and tag :






Ayurveda Yoga Academy

Ayurveda Yoga Academy, Daegu






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Let’s practice together!


Why do we “think” we need to lose weight?

What is the root of this ‘thought’?

Can’t I see myself as I am?

It is not just a weight management program tailored to

weight loss and diet control.

But it gets to the roots of my understanding of diet.

I can gain understanding from a

completely different perspective!

Through Project Empty I look at things like

my eating disorder (binge eating, anorexia), frequent drinking, depressed thoughts, irregular sleep pattern, hair loss, stress disorder, etc.


Project Empty starts in May as

a 1:1 personalized class &

you can even get discount benefits for the

Empty Yoga group class in July!




Hatha Yoga & BodyMind Therapy



Ayurveda Yoga Academy's Yoga Teacher Training Course will offer an opportunity for self study, healing, and transformation through an exploration of Hatha Yoga & BodyMind Therapy. 


In Yoga Teacher Training(TTC) we learn about how being a sincere yoga practitioner opens a path to being the leader of our own lives. This may manifest into guiding yoga classes, choosing a desired career path, opening up to relationships, letting go of experiences or people to heal or something totally different.

This course is an opportunity to transform.

In TTC, we learn about the fundamentals of yoga and how to apply them to our lives. We learn how to be in and enjoy the moment. Even though we are each on our own path, we are walking in this life together. The course gives us a chance to realize and experience self-love and that we are with good people. These kinds of experiences are part of the understanding we gain about what is yoga, what is happiness, why I am living, and more.

This class is available in-person in Daegu, South Korea or online from anywhere in the world~



This 1-month class is part of the Project Empty series~ Get ready to sweat, feel your inner fire and empty your body and mind!

This class will be taught by various teachers,

including our teacher, NIRVIKALPA!!!


Spaces are limited!

DM for more information or

come by the Siji Center for more information

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