Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Yoga Teacher Training Certificate to teach anywhere in the world?

Yes!  Our graduates have taught in the USA, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, and India - to name a few.

How long is the course and when can I start?


The course runs for about 7 months and you can join at any time.  Graduation will depend on whether you've met all the course requirements, and the attendance necessary. If you join the course while it is running and cannot meet the requirements you can continue the course free of charge.  You can graduate with the next semester provided you meet the requirements.

The current semester (29th) is scheduled to start September 19th, 2020 with graduation scheduled for May, 2021.  

*The schedule is subject to change due to circumstance.


What is required for graduation? 


Graduation requirements vary each semester.  When you visit us for a consultation we will happily go over the requirements for your semester.

Additionally, if you are taking the course for healing and/or personal growth and transformation more than teaching certification, the requirements can become more flexible based on your situation.


Can I keep attending the Teacher Training course after I've graduated?

Once you graduate you are eligible to apply for the Continuing Education Course for no extra fee so long as you are applying immediately following your graduation.  As long as you keep meeting the requirements for graduation for each semester you can continuously attend. The course is based on the concept of 'Upanishad,' sitting close to the teacher. This means that even though the class is guided in a group environment, everything we do in class is personal and geared towards the individual, directly from teacher to student.

Many of our members have graduated several times and continue to learn, grow and share with the group in this way by returning each semester to study. While the core coursework stays the same, every semester the content is presented differently. The direction of each class is tuned to the needs of the current members, so it is dynamic and shaped through participation. 


When and where are the classes?


The courses are on Saturdays (excluding the first Saturday of every month) 

 from 9am - 1pm  at the Siji Center unless otherwise announced in advance.

Is the Teacher Training class taught in Korean?


Yes. The class is taught in Korean, but we have 2 lovely translators who have been translating this class for over 3 years together.  They work very diligently to provide you with the best translation possible.  Also, if you want to improve your Korean this is a really good way to study. It is important to note that knowledge of Korean is not necessary to take this course.

Please contact us for further questions or stop by either of our locations for a free consultation and/or to register.