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Flowering, healing and yoga It's the Flowering card I picked up in our Healing Leadership course today. It has come to me very often recently and I can really feel it. I wonder, did I pick up this card in TTC last week too? At that time we also sat in a circle of three and asked each other "how are you?" One person asking, another answering, and the last simply watching. At that time I was in a group of foreigners and was overwhelmed with mirth and love. My face could not contain a beaming grin, but at the same time, I also noticed that this overflowing energy was caught at my lips. Something like I could not let it spread out to those around me. It was fear of losing this feeling of love that held me back.


Hanumanasana 'front splits' under cherry blossoms in Korea
'Hanumanasana' under the cherry blossoms

It happened like that later in the day too. I was walking home with a thought of wanting to share this joy, and as I reached a young man came up to invite me out sometime. I had been given this opportunity, but I was hesitant with this stranger and replied 'no'. I regretted it, and contemplated about this over the week. I watched the mind that needed to cling its (imagined) "possessions", and I watched how people kept coming towards me ~ wanting to talk with me, or even inviting me out, and how I kept skirting away. My teacher's words came to mind, "this is your attitude." Yes, and it felt narrow-minded and childish. I could just change it.

With this decision, I started to look at everyone with equal love that I have for the people I am closest to. I think my eyes changed then. The love is spreading outwards, and so it is happening inwards too.


And then today I picked up the Flowering card. The woman is so perfectly imperfect as she sits lopsided on a lotus flower, that she is exactly where and as she needs to be. Again we moved into groups of three and I purposely went to two Koreans who I didn't know well. I spoke as much Korean as I knew, and was so touched by their kindness as they spoke slowly and simply in Korean, or even repeated the words in English.


I am most grateful for this space.

A deep part of my heart has opened. I have the space to see people more clearly for who they are without my ideas about them or their states.

And as I keep looking at everyone, I see that it is not just me who is flowering alone.

We are all flowering🌷


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