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On Food and Love :

When we feel lonely, stressed, sad, etc. we reach out for food. The food is not just food, but a replacement for love. We eat to fill up, but the conclusion is that we still feel empty and add to that the feeling of guilt for eating. We cannot be aware of this and keep repeating this pattern. From an early age food and love become identified together. How early? From our first relationship with mom, as she holds us in her arms and we feel safe and loved as we drink from her breast, we begin to identify food and love. So what to do? Through understanding this mechanism and through practicing being conscious we can get the space to start seeing our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions. And we get the strength in the moment to choose if we want to eat or not... not because of an unconscious pattern, but because our bodies need the food or we want to enjoy the food in that moment. Once we get understanding about this, our relation with food and love changes. We can see food as food and eat when we are hungry. When we need love, we can recognize that too. We can ask for love when we need it. We get the strength to go to love when we need it. And through this our bodies, minds, everything begins to transform... (Ayurveda Yoga Academy, Healing Alchemy Course concept pt1)


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