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Happy New Year from our Teachers!

There is a gap between the past and future.

There is a gap between yesterday and tomorrow.

There is a gap between breaths.

That gap is the gate to eternity.

The name of that gap is now, this moment.

I pray that you can feel joy and gratitude

in the moments that you can discover infinitely

in your ordinary life when you are awake.

Whatever difficulties we had,

feeling gratitude that the year passed well

even in difficulty and we can face a need year.

There is also a gap between this year and next year.

With bright eyes and ready hands,

With a heart overflowing with interest and consideration for you and me,

With a sharp mind that always remembers the original intention,

Wanting to start the year by seizing that gap.

Letting past things go

In the breath of existence

If you fall, go into a praying position.

A few days ago, starting from the winter solstice,

the energy of the Blue Dragon began.

The dragon is the only imaginary animal in the zodiac that does not actually exist, and is said to be a combination of many different animals.

It stays in the center of the world

and gives good or bad news in all directions

and makes wishes come true.

The dragon's magical power to create all kinds of harmony reminds us of the omniscience and omnipotence of the Self.

In 2024, look at the world from a wide perspective making one circle.

By diligently refining the practice of getting one step closer to the Self,

I hope everyone achieves what they dream of.

Everything is already complete.

Thank you.

I love you.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti~!

- Love, Nirvikalpa


A new year has put the past behind us.

New things always have new strength.

We go where those forces lead us.

So, open your tender heart within you so that the alchemy of healing can occur.

Crude metal becomes gold...

Past wounds become lotuses of light...

Comparison and judgment turn into deep surrender...

Great sadness to great transformation...

The past and the future are here and the womb of acceptance and deep play...

We can be happy...

Om Shanti Shanti! Om Tat Sat!!!



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