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Frequently Asked


I've never practiced yoga. Will I be able to follow class?

Regardless of your level, you will have no trouble following along with Classic class. As you attend the class, keep watching the feelings in your body and watch your breath. At any time, if you feel pain or discomfort, stop and rest enough. All of our teachers guide classes based on who attends. So the main teacher and often an assistant teacher(s) will be in the class to support you. If there are any postures you don't know how to do 0r you need a variation for, they will be there next to you.



I'm not flexible.  Can I do yoga?

The most important thing is to come as you are, regardless of how flexible you are. Just by practicing yoga, your body, breath, and mind will become more relaxed and comfortable. Then just by coming and practicing, like a gift, flexibility will come more and more.

I have an injury. Is it possible for me to take class?

Depending on your injury, it can be possible to take class. It is important to seek professional medical care when needed. But once you have recovered to a state that allows you move enough that a doctor gives you the okay for physical activity, there is no better place to start than yoga. Yoga is a tool for watching the state of your body and mind. In this way you start to move more consciously and with awareness. As you become more aware, you learn new ways to use your body safely and promote continued self-healing. 

I have chronic pain. Is it possible for me to take class?

Absolutely. Yoga is tuned to finding a steady and comfortable state. When I work with the teacher, I can get assistance listening to the messages my body is saying. Then I can start to find movement patterns that cause me pain and discover new ways to move that don't aggravate and even relieve the pain/discomfort. Our number one rule for taking class is: if you feel pain, release the posture.  When you come to the studio, make sure to have a consultation with the teacher before you take a class. Be sure to share about your current body, mind state. Each class your body and mind state are different so the best practice is to keep sharing about how you are feeling. During class you can observe your experience and after class you can share what happened with the teacher. It is a great time if you have any questions or concerns to voice them.

For a totally personalized class based on your schedule, needs, and goals, consider getting a consultation about our 1 : 1 private lessons (personal training) classes.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

You'll want to have clothes that let you move comfortably.

Also, if you have your own yoga mat you are welcome to bring it.  We offer free mat storage for our members.  If you don't have a mat, no problem; we also have communal mats available at no extra charge at the front desk.  

It can be a good idea to have a small towel to rest your face on can make postures lying on your stomach more comfortable. And it can be handy for wiping sweat, too.

I'm pregnant.  Can I take class?

For the first 15 weeks of pregnancy we recommend resting from yoga classes.  After that, with the consent of your doctor, you are very welcome to join class!  Please let the teacher know about your state each day when you come. This will ensure you receive proper and safe posture modifications and variations.

Mindful Mom classes are Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:30AM guided by Hyeseong. She takes the knowledge she has gained through studying yoga at Ayurveda Yoga Academy for almost a decade, her work as a delivery room nurse at Hyosung Hospital, which she did for 8 years, and her experience with her own pregnancy, birth, and now the raising of her beautiful daughter to share with women who are preparing for pregnancy, currently pregnant or in a postnatal state. She guides Mindful Mom small group classes twice a week at the Siji Center as well as private yoga classes available upon request.



How often can I take class?


That is up to you :) Consistent practice is the best way to experience the benefits of anything and yoga is the same. If possible, we recommend daily practice. Then you can get the gifts of yoga even more quickly, like posture alignment, flexibility, weight management, and more. All general memberships allow you to take classes once a day for as many days of the week as you register. And our Yoga Teacher Training members get unlimited class access.

Check out our memberships page for more information.

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