Frequently Asked


I'm not flexible.  Can I do yoga?

At Ayurveda we define yoga as "stopping the functions of the mind". 

Only flexibility of the mind is needed to practice.

I have an injury/cronic pain/a specific health condition. 

Is it possible for me to take class?

Absolutely.  Our number one rule for taking class is: if you feel pain, release the posture.  If you let the teachers know about your state, they can guide you to a posture more suitable for your condition.  Of course, each person and situation will be different so open and honest communication is appreciated.

For a more individualized class totally tuned to your condition, consider getting a consultation about our 1 on 1 personal training classes.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

If you have a personal yoga mat you are welcome to bring it.  We offer free mat storage for our members.  If you don't have one, we also have communal mats available at no extra charge.  We just ask that you use our homemade mat wash to clean it after practice.

Also a small hand towel to rest your face on can make postures lying on your stomach more comfortable.

I'm pregnant.  Can I take class?

For the first 12 weeks of pregnancy we recommend resting from physical activity.  After that, however, you are very welcome and highly encouraged to join class!  Letting the teacher know of your state will ensure you receive proper and safe modifications to certain postures.

Of course, the situation can be different for everyone so be sure to get a consultation to find what is best for you.


How often can I take class?


With all the different memberships we have available, you will be free to come as often as you like.  From twice a week up to 6 days a week, once per day.

Our Yoga Teacher Training course fee includes unlimited yoga for the duration of the course.

Check out our memberships page for more information.